Educate Us

Release Date: 2021-07-02
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Adlib intro
Educate us, Tell the youth truth whoa

Educate Us, cause all I see them doing is trying to misinform us, that’s from the government down to the church
Social media, we living in a world where it’s mostly propaganda
The youth dem don’t know who and what to trust

Verse 1
When you stand for your rights the say time will change things
But thing keeps changing is persons
Same doctrine same pockets keep lining
Tell the myth of christ to keep you subservient to them
Let’s talk some theology why does the God you serve need money to carry out his will
Ancient stories told in the present tense
Check your dollar bill everyone you spend

Verse 2
They don’t teach about Marcus Garvey
All they say is we come on a slave ship
They don’t teach about the African which existed long before the Greek entrance
How they try to shape our legacy
Water down Nelson and Martin Phylosophies
They never teach about the cures in trees
They put it in a pill and charge we triple fees, triple fees

Oh boy , Please



i wish they taught about the Moores univerties I wish they taught about kemetic Phylosophy it’s only greater truth alone  will make the captive see
So man prophets died so we can be free
Educate us


Guitar solo




Alive outro

Educate us Educate us
The youth them don’t know who and what to trust

Oh educate us, we go to tell the youth the truth
Lord have mercy

Adlib Outro