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Soulful Reggae Rock Blues Omari Banks Radiates SUNLIGHT Through Music

MPR Consulting – In the mid of his successful promotional European tour, soulful reggae rock blues singer Omari Banks has released his “SUNLIGHT” album.

Omari’s sophomore album “SUNLIGHT” explores ethological feelings while touching a familiar string, and recognizable human experience. No matter our race, creed, class or social economic status, music and sunlight are unifying threads. Speaking of the album creation, Omari explained “This album is positively charged and fused with melody and vibe which i hope will inspire, enlighten and encourage the awakening of love throughout the world”

From “System Set” which spoke of socially charged issues, to “Naturally” telling a tale of love, “SUNLIGHT” delivers 10 tracks and a bonus that run the gamut of life “I believe that darkness and light is a great analogy that symbolizes our journey through life. I wanted to capture and depict a sense of connection to all things around us.” explained Omari.

“SUNLIGHT” is now available worldwide

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Most High for life and all lessons learnt. This Album Sunlight truly has been a process and an awakening of thoughts for me. The songs are an expression of where I am in my life and my hope is that it is received this way. As growth is inevitable I see this compilation of work as another step towards my ongoing journey of self improvement and understanding. I wish peace and love to all who listen. My intention have always been to inspire, challenge and bring about happiness.”

“To my friends and family I love you from the Bottom of my heart, you have made me who I am. To my team, thank you. Special thanks to Marta, Malaika, Navin, Laide, Roger, Helen, Ann, Frank and Mark. To my family Serena, Somaiya, Ashe thanks for your patience and love…I love you. To my Mother thanks for being the woman you are, to my Dad and all my Family thank you for your continued support. Nuff respect and blessings to all…”